Fall 2017 Mindfulness classes

Introduction to Mindfulness

a six week class

open to all no matter your level of experience

in Swansea MA

      Wed. eves 6:30-8:30 pm

Sept 13 to Oct 25 (no class Oct 4)

Yoga and Mindfulness Studio

Swansea Center for Psychotherapy

25 Market St, Suite 14, Swansea MA 02777

  Do you want to live life with a greater sense of balance and ease? When stress and distraction intrude on our appreciation and happiness, we may want to consider ways of being calmer, steadier, and kinder to ourselves and others. Mindfulness is a practice that anyone can learn, that can help us slow down to notice and appreciate the gift of living, each moment - deeply supporting mental, physical and emotional health. In this 6-week class we will learn and practice meditation, body scan and gentle yoga. We will finds ways to listen and be gentle with ourselves and our questions.

All participants receive guided recordings for homework use,

with the intention of developing a steady daily practice. Fee of $195 covers all materials.

To register, call Annie at (401) 226-5583 or email annie@hawkdance.com


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